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Gearbox & Chain Case

  • Product Name: Transfer Case
  • Issue Time: 2019-1-16 22:16:10
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Transfer Case


The power of the mobile rig comes from the engine mounted on the chassis,  and then the power will be transferred to the axle, drilling drawworks, rotary table through a variety of transmission gearboxes, chain cases and transmission components. These transmission gearboxes mainly consist of compound transfer gearbox, transfer case (drop gearbox), angle gearbox (compound angle gearbox), rotary table driven gearbox, rotary table driven upper & lower chain case, etc.


The transfer case is a kind of multi-stage gear transmission box, which is mainly used to transfer the power of the engine to the front and rear axles of the chassis and the drilling drawworks respectively.

The box body of the transfer case is welded by steel plate or made of integral casting, which is mainly composed of input shaft, output shaft, gear pair, box body, gear shifting mechanism, bearing and other accessories.

Technical Specification

The product models of the transfer case are as follows: FD100BFD100CFD140, etc.

Technical Specification of Transfer Case

FD140 Transfer Case

The transfer case also include the following products: Z01140000017AA, Z01140000004AA, etc.

Technical Specification of Transfer Case

Transfer Case

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