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Drawworks Auxiliary Brake

  • Product Name: Water Cooled Brake
  • Issue Time: 2019-1-17 10:09:33
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Water Cooled Brake


The WCB series water cooled brake is designed for constant tension applications. It is exceptionally well suited for high inertia stopping and rapid heat dissipation. The design of the WCB water cooled brake permits mid-shaft or end-shaft mounting. The rugged construction ensures long, trouble free service.

The WCB series water cooled brake is widely used in all kinds of industrial equipment, for example dynamometers, logging equipment, marine mooring systems, slip clutches, tension brakes, unwind stands, etc.

In the field of oil and gas equipment, the WCB series water cooled brake is mainly used as auxiliary brake for drilling drawworks of workover rig and the rig.


The WCB series water cooled brake is available in various sizes and quantities of friction disk assemblies. The model number identifies the number of friction disc assemblies and the nominal disc diameter. For example, WCB324 indicates three 24" diameter discs.

Technical Specifications

The product models of the WCB series water cooled brake are as the follows: WCB124, WCB224, WCB324, WCB236, WCB336, WCB436, etc.

WCB Series Water Cooled Brake

WCB Series Water Cooled Brake

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