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Rig Equipments & Parts

  • Product Name: Rig Spare Parts
  • Issue Time: 2019-1-21 21:42:47
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Rig Spare Parts

We can provide the following parts:

Rig Spare PartsDrilling Drawworks Parts

Air Tube Disc Clutch Parts

Water Cooled Brake Parts

Hydraulic Disc Brake Parts

Rig Spare PartsCrown Block & Hook Block Parts

Drilling Swivel & Rotary Table Parts

Drilling Rig Transmission Elements & Parts

Drilling Rig Components Repair Kits

Rig Spare PartsDrilling Rig Hydraulic Components

Hydrualic, Pneumatic & Electrical Parts

Drilling Rig Chassis Parts

Drilling Rig Auxiliary Tools

We can also supply the following rig parts (including the following but not limited): 

Repair kits for the cylinder, including mast raising cylinder, mast telescopic cylinder, manual tong cylinder, jack cylinder, etc.

Pulley for crown block and hook block, H760 & H915 series, etc.

Wash pipe: P2100726AA72.130-10SL135-09, etc

Cross bridge seat: GQZ150

Middle support for transmission system: Z06010000001AA, Z06010000002AA, Z06010000004AA

Double swivel union: SD-00E

Water swivel union: Z03110300001AA

Z08200000001AA anti-collision air cylinderZ08240000001AA anti-collision valve

Tension wheel assembly: Z06030400001AAZ06030400002AA, etc.

Fastline stop roller: Z03260000008AAZ03260000013AA

* If the products you needed not listed in this page, please contact us.

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