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Rig Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Product Name: Power Steering Cylinder
  • Issue Time: 2019-5-6 8:38:51
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Power Steering Cylinder


The hydraulic cylinder that used on the mobile drilling rig are as the follows: mast raising cylinder, mast telescopic cylinder, manual tong cylinder, jack cylinder, power steering cylinder, etc. For the moving drilling rig, the hydraulic cylinder also includes lifting cylinder, moving cylinder, buffer cylinders, etc.


The power steering cylinder is the important components of the steering mechanism, it is mainly used to help the driver to adjust the direction of the mobile drilling rig when driving, reduce the working intensity for the driver.

Technical Specifications

The product models of the power steering cylinder are as the follows: Z02030900001AA, Z02030900002AA, Z02030900007AA, etc.

Technical Specification of Power Steering Cylinder

Power Steering Cylinder

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